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Your hosts Keith and Lindsay Fisher have been birding in Australia and overseas since 1975 and are both keen wildlife photographers. They took over the running of Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge in August 2005 after having been regular visitors since 1989. They previously lived in Cairns for 18 years and were actively involved in the local Birds Australia-North Queensland group as committee members. Involvement in other projects included bird atlassing on Cape York Peninsula and northern Australia plus wader (shorebird) counts in Cairns. Keith has a Graduate Diploma in Ornithology and had been working as an ornithological consultant for a number of years, mainly on bird hazard management.

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Chris R. on November 3, 2012 about A Morning on Mt. Lewis

Hi Keith, only a week till we head up. Keen for any news on Mt Lewis dragons/damsels, not to mention locations for Golden bowerbirds. I'll be with a few people when we come up, should we be booking a night walk now do you think? In any case talk to you soon. Chris Ross

Drhoz on January 29, 2012 about

I'm surprised - I thought that Odonata laid their eggs directly into water, or into the stems of plants - carrying them around as bundles first is new to me

Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge on January 27, 2012 about

They are eggs

Drhoz on January 27, 2012 about

What's all the stuff clinging to her belly?

Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge on January 23, 2012 about A Morning on Mt. Lewis

Hi Chris, Yes have seen the Bluestreak but not photographed it yet. I'll be laid low for a while as I have to have surgery on my knee tomorrow and probably will not get up to Mt. Lewis for sometime. Look forward to catching up later in year to chase some dragonflies.